About Us

The Lash and Brow Academy is an exclusive establishment for your lash and brow needs. Not only do we provide exceptional service, We are also the premiere eyelash extension training facility to help our fellow lash artists; achieve the highest quality of education needed to provide exceptional service to their clients.

The Lash and Brow Academy is built with love, care and passion not only will it  empower women but also provide women the confidence, self-love and care  we all deserve. We pride ourselves in  giving exceptional customer service, spread body positivity, quality work and affordability.


Maria Duncanson


Maria Duncanson is the Aesthetician, Master lash technician, educator and owner of The Lash and Brow Academy. She is also the owner of Intimate Waxing and Spa, SkinDietician and Co-owner of Tidy Ducks Cleaning Services.


She has been in the beauty and hospitality business for more than a decade, and while she is working towards building her empire, Maria is also a big believer of empowering women that have the same work ethics, passion in skin care, beauty and wellness.


Maria has decided to launch;  The Lash and Brow Academy for the reason to share and educate colleagues who are interested in advancing their skills and knowledge.